Stanislav Vácha - leather glove manufacturer
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Stanislav Vácha - leather glove manufacturer

We are pleased to present to you the collection of Stanislav Vácha.

Stanislav Vácha is the oldest Czech glove manufacturer having been established in the 19th century and continuing production until the establishment of a communist regime in Czech lands. Fortunately production was restarted in 1990.

Stanislav Vácha production facilities are located in Dobris, Czech republic a town which has a long history in glove manufacturing.

We are at your service with a select group of experienced and skilled artisans with many years of experience in the leather gloves trade. Our gloves are all fully table cut from materials such as lambskin, kidskin, goatskin, american deerskin and pigskin. Our production encompasses all types of sewing and trimming allowing for production of a wide range of classic and fancy styles.

We are looking forward to meeting your needs in the leather glove production for the next season and the future.